Floor Sit Up Bar: Portable Exercise Equipment with Suction Cups, Adjustable Foot Holder, and Massage Roller

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Color: Black
Style: Dual suction cups
Design Concept
Newly designed dual suction cup sit-up aid, solving the problems of traditional insufficient adsorption and uncomfortable use. Meanwhile, better materials are chosen to give the product a higher experience.
  • Upgraded rubber suction chassis has a larger area and stronger suction. Double suction cups made of natural rubber provide super stability, grip, and safe, allowing you to exercise at ease.
  • Safety stickers made of premium materials can be used on wooden floors compared to other products without any harm. Please tear off the film on the suction cup, , and press the product on the sticker with your body weight. Note: Squeeze out as much air as possible before lowering the lock.
  • High-density soft foam covering the handle is comfortable and non-slip while avoiding ankle injury. Sit up equipment with double-row support bars strengthen heel force, exercise more efficiently and balancedly, and help you become a perfect body.
  • Sit-up assistant device supports a variety of sports modes and can be adjusted in height. You can perform push-ups, abs master, planks, yoga, buttocks bridges, sit-ups, stretching, and other exercises. You can adjust the most suitable height according to your needs.
  • Sit up bar floor is simple to install and easy to use, and it is light and portable. It is an efficient sports equipment that saves time and money. You can exercise multiple types of smooth and clean floors in offices, bedrooms, living rooms, parks, etc.
  • ️‍️Wooden floors and any smooth floors that try but can't suck. . Then follow the steps to suck the product onto the sticker! This will make the product incredibly stable!


Color: Black
Style: Dual suction cups

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