Power Pulse TENS+EMS Muscle Relief Patch: Drug-Free Pain Relief and Muscle Activation

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【Power Pulse TENS+EMS Tens Unit】TENS provides safe, non-invasive, drug-free methods of pain relief used by doctors and physical therapists for years. EMS brings elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses and activates the muscles to assist in the increase of strength and endurance. Relieve fatigue and pain.
【With Powerful Rechargeable Battery】When fully charging , It can be used up to 30 days if you use it one hour per day . It can be connected to wall charger, power bank or USB outlet to charge.
【Multi-Functional with 6 Modes】massager with 6 Modes and 10 levels of intensity,The streamlined procedure has selected the most effective 6 modes. You can choose the mode of treatment you need. Usually you choose a mode that suits you, and then adjust the intensity that suits you. It is recommended to use different modes of treatment alternately!It is beneficial to treat and relieve fatigue.

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