Pink Pre-Primed Extra Short Square Tips: Skip Filing for Nail Art DIY

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Ideal for French Manicures: Achieve salon-quality nails with just one builder gel and top coat (both essential). Streamlined steps for unique designs!

Patented X-Coat Technology: Our French tip press-ons allow UV rays through for curing gel glue, even after design application.

Time & Money Saver: Pre-applied tip primer & base coat cover mean salon-like extensions in just 10 minutes! Great for beginners and pros alike.

Comfort Without Compromise: Malleable, natural-feel fake nails fit flat or curved nails snugly. No stinging, no hassle!

Innovative Look & Perfect Fit: Gel tips contour flawlessly from cuticle to free edge, with a tapered fit for the most natural appearance. Questions? Reach out!

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