Ab Roller for Core Strengthening & Abdominal Exercise

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  • ab roller has a revolutionary automatic rebound design with intelligent auxiliary brakes and a built-in brake system for smoother and more controlled steel rebound.

  • 2-in-1 Abdominal Exercise Machine has a scientifically designed ab roller with 5 anti-slip layers for noise reduction, shock absorption, and wear resistance

  • ab roller has a double widen wheels design that increases the wheelbase and contact area with the ground, reducing lateral sway and providing stable and safe workouts.

  • Upgraded ab roller with elbow support for enhanced stability during workouts, precise ab muscle activation, and reduced arm fatigue or injury risks.

  • Multi-layer wheels and handle on our ab roller provide comfort, grip, and protection. The high-quality materials include anti-slip, reinforcement, damping, mute, and noise reduction layers. Detachable handle with thick foam for easy storage and sweat absorption. Thickened foam cushion design protects the elbow during workouts.

  • Shape and tone your entire body with our ab wheel. Burn fat faster, shape 6-pack abs, and achieve your fitness goals. Perfect for beginners and fitness enthusiasts. Start your journey today!

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