About us

SOPAMI is a cutting-edge brand dedicated to meeting the full-range demands of private car care, catering to every car owner's meticulous needs. It strives to solve all the intricate problems related to car care, serving as the brand's directional goal and mission. The future vision of SOPAMI revolves around the principles of "innovation, superior quality, and high cost-effectiveness," which the brand consistently upholds in its manufacturing practices.

SOPAMI is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sale of automotive products. Its products have received high praise and commendation from customers and consumers both domestically and internationally. The production of these products strictly adheres to national standards, ensuring that the quality indicators have reached new heights in quality management.

Equipped with modern production and quality inspection equipment, the company has amassed extensive experience and a solid technical foundation in production technology over the years. This has led to its reputation as an excellent factory producing comprehensive and robust automotive care products.